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Brit Aqua Membrane


ITEM NO: FBAM20 - 20m Roll

Brit Aqua Membrane is a decoupling and tanking membrane to accomodate lateral
movement for tiling installations on floors with limited movement when used as a system
with Brit Adhesives cementitious tile adhesives.

Brit Aqua Membrane is easy to install, particulary for quick sealing and decoupling.
The mat is resistant to weathering and alkali and is compatible for both internal and
external flooring applications for ceramic, porcelain, slabs, natural stone and concrete

Can be used for domestic / commercial areas including balconies and terraces, bathrooms, kitchens, wet-rooms, showrooms, shopping and lesiure centres etc. Brit Aqua Membrane

is also recommended for heated / un-heated screeds and timber floors.

- Allows for immediate tiling
- Reduces adhesive consumption
- Waterproofing and decoupling
- Easy installation (cut & place)

- Interior and exterior use
- Minimises height building
- Minimal mat compression
- Install using a 4mm Square Notched Trowel 

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