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The Brit Adhesives product range consists of tile adhesives,

levelling compounds, grouts, decoupling membranes, primers, additives, insulation boards and waterproofing products. Each product in our range has been thoroughly designed to perform

to the highest standards, both during and after application.

Whether you are looking for a rapid set adhesive for a concrete

substrate or a self levelling compound for an anhydrite screed, the range of products available from Brit Adhesives are sure to cater to your needs.

If you require any more information on our products please contact us on 0121 520 9333, or alternatively look up our
Downloads section where all of our data sheets can be found
for each of our products.


Brit Adhesives Products


A small selection of the Brit Adhesives range of products including tile adhesives, primers, grout, levelling compounds

and our waterproofing liquid tanking membrane.

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